When I was growing up, I remember sneaking into my older sister’s room and listening to her vinyl records while she was away on dates. Every Friday and Saturday night I spent my evenings lying on the floor, listening to The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Van Halen over and over again.

She had an amazing collection of wax, and I won’t lie, I made great use of it! Instead of hanging around arcades or malls, I imagined myself someday being the lead guitarist for my own band. Every time a guitar solo came on, I’d reach for a cane, a broom stick…anything I could find, and play the meanest air guitar you’ve ever seen.

I founded Melodrama Recordings to give the world something it can never have enough of: passionate music by impassioned people. I envisioned a recording company and studio that chose substance over sales to nurture the artist within.

I believe that through music we can accomplish amazing things, and that we can become closer to that which binds and protects us. It is our obligation to discover and nourish this truth, and by supporting inspired artists, we too become more connected to our surroundings and those who share our lives.

Musically yours,

Carter Hartsell
Founder, President